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    EKWB VTX pumps

    I've read recently that Alphacool DC-LT V2.0 may be coming, they are testing them atm in their prototype units for the new line up of Gfx card water cooling solutions. Fast forward it to 3:25 to see the prototype. VTX is good, 200 euro for that unit is somewhat excessive though. Why the heck...
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    AMD B550 Motherboards To Launch on 16th June If you take a look through those pics, you can see all the big players (including MSI after they skipped an X570 ITX board) have a B550 ITX Motherboard in their line up !!
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    Prototype Lazer3D ST8 - Slim Tower Case

    It's still a work in progress, nothing is fixed at this point. It's a case of where do you stop to keep the theme of the concept intact and at the same time try and satisfy a good range of buyer build options. I've had lengthy chats with @K888D about potential coolers for the case, a Dark Rock...
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    Prototype FormD-P1 (Sidearmd) 280/240AIO Support Case

    280mm rad, vertical case. I'm in !!!!
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    AMD B550 Motherboards To Launch on 16th June

    The ITX Motherboards lineup: Gigabyte ASRock MSI MPG B550I GAMING EDGE WIFI Pics and Product page TBD Asus ROG Strix B550-I Product page TBD
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    Production FormD-T1 (aka Sidearmd), READ FIRST POST

    EK basically have these made by an OEM manufacturer to EK's specifications. They are not done in house, nor are they expandable.
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    I need your expertise

    If you don't trust yourself to buy a key, use this site. I bought one for a build last month. Stop panicking about being uninformed or out of touch. A Ryzen 5 3600 with B450 motherboard is exactly what you want and it's all just plug and...
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    I need your expertise

    You don't need to spend 100 quid on Win 10, you get keys for 10-15 quid these days off ebay and they work no problem !!! 4GB of ram on today's 64bit systems is a no no, you need 8GB at the minimum these days, preferably 16GB IMHO you've tried to cut back way to much for a system you expect to...
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    Selling S4 Mini, HDPLEX units, VLP RAM, etc

    PM'd :)
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    GIGABYTE Lists AMD B550 and Intel Z490 Motherboards The interesting bit: "B550I AORUS PRO AX " I hope it's a little more beefed up than the B450I board that it will replace !!! Don't get me wrong the B450I board is not bad, just lacking a little in VRM for the...
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    AMD X570 ITX Motherboards

    ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX Review - Thunder Bolt 3 on AMD
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    Prototype DAN HSLP-48: A powerful sub 50mm heatsink

    Well I'll be, that's the first time I've seen Innodisk advertise those kits as B-die. I remember when I first considered VLP (2 years ago) this was certainly not the case. All I can say is that there are varying grades of B-die and these are clearly bottom bin that have no use in overclocking...
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    Prototype DAN HSLP-48: A powerful sub 50mm heatsink

    It is NOT B-die !! No one is making VLP sticks or kits from Samsung B-die !! Headroom as you can see from what's already been posted, is 3200 ish max. So you either live with that and use the Black Ridge, or swap it out for something that does not restrict ram height and use a B-die kit. I can...
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    HTPC Build (4K HDR, HEVC)

    HDR on PC is still a mess buddy !! Have a good read of this for pro's / con's of various approaches: