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    SFF.Network David Does Tech Stuff Pits Top Top Gaming PC Against Minisforum HX90

    Please share if you found a dope deal for a mini pc with 1650.
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    Prebuilt ASRock Jupiter X300. Thin barebones kit for AM4 APUs, only 1 liter in volume!

    This system is abit meh to me since it uses standard itx form factor. You could build your own thin-itx am4 for a better price and better cooling. It would have been an awesome device if they made this in stx instead.
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    Advice Razer Tomahawk Mini-ITX cooling help!

    EK AIO & Lian Li Galahad both support Razer Chroma RGB. They are both using a newer pump design with great performance. I recommend top mounting the AIO. The lian li case fans are decent in price and performance
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    News NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Launching April 2019

    Not that i know of. You will likely need to flash a custom bios
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    Log What ITX case for ASUS B550-I and Ryzen 5600X

    I have a kraken x52 for 5 years and it still works fine. I'm thinking of upgrading my AIO to an EKWB 240mm but have not gotten round doing so because the Kraken x52 still works. AIO's can last a really long time till the pump dies and most pumps are rated for at least 8 years. Over time an AIO...
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    Discussion Ryzen master on Renoir APU

    Hello does someone know how to get ryzen master to work on renoir desktop 4650g or 4750g. I upgraded from 3400g to 4650g and would be nice if i could tweak some settings using ryzen master. It is currently showing an error "Ryzen Master does not support current processor. Unsupported processor!"...
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    Log Ghost S1 Dual 240 AIO (13.52L) + Other smaller builds

    Just got a gtx 1070 mini for 220 Will retire the Inwin Chopin and rebuild it into the K39v2. Waiting on the gpu riser to arrive.
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    Discussion Ghost S1 and sandwich case users, what are you going to do when you can't upgrade to RTX 3090?

    Waterforce AIO would be my choice since i have had great experience thus far with their RTX 2080 TI Just undecided between the RTX 3080 or RX 6800 XT or skip. It would have to come down to availability and price in my region.
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    Discussion ENP-7660B from SFFTEC

    Just send a reminder that i have yet to receive my unit.
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    Log Best sffpc motherboard: X570i vs. B550i and which brand?

    A B450i motherboard like Gigabyte with beta bios already supports Zen 3 & Renoir. I would recommended that if you are going for a more budget system and dont really care about pcie 4.0 I did choose the Gigabyte X570i for my main system since it was highly recommended by buildzoid and it was on...
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    Log Ghost S1 Dual 240 AIO (13.52L) + Other smaller builds

    I have taken a look at it. At this point, the temps are fine for my current setup but it might change when i do upgrade to a higher tdp of the 5900X & 6800XT
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    Hello from Sunny Singapore

    Hello, been lurking on this forum for awhile but i decided to join this great community. Would love to share my builds and journey in all things SFF.
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    Log Ghost S1 Dual 240 AIO (13.52L) + Other smaller builds

    Small, Mighty & Inexpensive APU (1.6L) This is first foray into making the smallest and cheapest system. SFF do not need to come at a premium and here I am trying to get the cheapest AM4 Thin PC possible in 1.6L This does comes with a AC/DC power brick. Might attempt to power this with a 100W...
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    Log Ghost S1 Dual 240 AIO (13.52L) + Other smaller builds

    Crazy Small, Ultimate Performance off the shelf Brickless ITX APU Build (2.21L) In Progress I'm not a modder of any sort so buying off the shelf components is really important to me. It's also interesting that you can fit an ITX board in this case and use low profile components that fit within...
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    Log Ghost S1 Dual 240 AIO (13.52L) + Other smaller builds

    Your not so average powerful SFF Gaming PC (6.05L) I find this case interesting as it has space to fit 2 80mm fans on top and max 20.5cm of GPU length. This makes this system run silent with great thermal performance compared to smaller 4L cases. The 3500X purchased from aliexpress is a great...