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    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    A very strange decision. It is not initially thin and not just an itx format.
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    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    You are not the only one who cares about this topic:
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    CPU Laptop CPU On a Desktop Motherboard

    Considering their low price, this is a good option for an upgrade on the 1151 platform. I myself am a satisfied owner of the motherboard Asus h110t + QNCT 6C12T bundle
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    Motherboard Industrial Motherboard Thread

    A worthy receiver! But it's a pity that such boards are difficult to catch in the public domain.
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    News CES21: Asus Sneak-Peaks uSFF 3080 Custom eGPU [DigitalTrends]

    You still try to get the mating connector for the cable for self-soldering :) It is more or less common to use a thunderbolt interface for an EGPU. There is also a proprietary connector with direct use of pci-e. So pinout won't help you. So in terms of compatibility and the future ... there is...
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    Accessory PCIe risers are so confusing

    High speed imposes special requirements and restrictions on data lines (not only interference). And the higher the speed (generation pci-e, for example), the stricter the restrictions. And if these requirements are not met to switch the connection to the maximum speed, then the connection will...
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    Motherboard Industrial Motherboard Thread

    ASRock STX-1500 on Intel® 11th Gen (Tiger Lake-UP3) Core™ Processors, up to 28W
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    Motherboard STX motherboard future?

    What Is Dead May Never Die
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    Discussion List of ITX GPU (with dimensions?)

    I don’t know about you, but we have a number of stores that have the characteristics of video cards (including the exact length) and allow you to sort by it. For example.
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    Motherboard STX motherboard future?

    I think AsRock as an AMD board partner needs to make their own MXM modules based on Navi/RDNA2 Then we will get another proprietary and stillborn product from one manufacturer. Will not be available to the general public. But in general I agree, the solution lacks extensibility.
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    Motherboard The AMD A520 boards are coming!

    And so far, not a single version of a thin itx board (
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    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    By the way, no one knows the exact release date of the 520 chipset? With its appearance, the chances are high to see new thin motherboards.
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    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    In your photo, it's not thin, but a standard mini-itx board.
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    Production Project CPR - Customizable PCI-E Riser (up to X16)

    So under M2 there is a working version of the riser) On the previous pages there is an example of connection.