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    mod ideas for sharkoon qb one?

    i5 9400f + 1660 Super + 2x8gb DDR4 2666hz Got a Noctua NFA8 that helped temps (though almost nothing with the gpu). Ive just ordered an NVMe and Corsair Sf450; will also take the chance and remove the rivets of that wretched HDD bay (it hits the GPU's side panel too, besides the airflow...
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    mod ideas for sharkoon qb one?

    I would definately poke as many holes as I could in that HDD bay, if not remove it completely / replace with a new minimalistic solution. It blocks way too much horizontal ventilation, that 12cm cooler right above it can get way more efficient. I would also completely mod the GPU panel... but...
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    Black Opal - The QB One, a little seen SFFPC case

    Awesome ! Thanks for the thread / log. I can see you could fit that mini ITX ( 17cm x 17cm) with well enough room left. Im thinking here if a 19.5 cm board (smallest ATX) wouldn't fit... what you think ?