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    Other Zotac 1080ti SHIFT bracket (DXF) - 1070ti Mini and 1080ti Shift Bracket 2020 Update

    These cards are still being used in the MINI and I wanted to make the file cleaner. You can use to get it made, and I have a special coupon for you: NFC15SCS Peace!
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    GPU Zotac 1080ti SHIFT bracket (DXF)

    Josh | NFC updated Zotac 1080ti SHIFT bracket with a new update entry: 1070ti Mini and 1080ti Shift Bracket 2020 Update Read the rest of this update entry...
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    S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

    Yeah it does indeed look like the EVGA 3060ti XC GAMING would fit beautifully in the S4M-C. You will probably need to remove the front wrap around bezel to make use of the GPU cutout to install the GPU. Once it is in you can just use...
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    What's going on with this S4 mini skin ft. thin blue line flag :(

    Hello everyone. Someone kindly let me know on the Discord about this thread this afternoon which I appreciate. Unfortunately I was not contacted privately to my knowledge asking for any clarification or pointing out they were offended by something in my store. This to me hurts because it seems...
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    I find myself oddly drawn to here.

    I think that was the first time I've ever asked a customer "but why?" He was right though, as they always are. ;)
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    Concept "All in one" 3 monitor stream setup

    Cool project dude :D It will be fun to see how it all bolts up when you get it done. MINI should be available soon but I've been saying that for a month now...
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    What details do you want to know?
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    I plan on it, but I am having some problems that might make them be put off for a while. I have some inventory left that I will be selling once I can ship again, around February 14th. Then it would be summertime at best before I could sell another run. Peace
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    The new HDPLEX 400 AC fits in the front of the chassis with no mods. It does require a rather long and ugly 24 pin cable as you will need to put the DC component where the AC unit usually would go. Peace
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    S4MAX: Brickless S4M w/ 2080ti and R9 3950x - 800W water cooled - *working*

    Corn crackin crazy son of a gun... I need a cold shower after viewing this thread. ???
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    I don't plan that far ahead xD I honestly 100% don't know.
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    S4M + HDPlex400 brickless - powering & grounding

    Hello everyone. Remember to please email me if you need an immediate response, because I am slow about keeping up on all the different forums and the like. I'm glad you posted here though so we can help other people with the same questions. :D There have ever only been two versions of the...
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    GPU Zotac 1080ti SHIFT bracket (DXF)
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    Skyreach brickless build

    Hello, Kack. As with all NFC products, if you have any problem whatsoever let me know and I can fix it. I can get you a longer switch if you like, send me an email. Peace . :D