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    DAN A4-SFX

    Can you clarify, is this the OLD 92mm AIO or the new one? I pre-ordered thinking it was the new one and now I’m concerned.
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    Closed NFC S4M w/ all accessories and HDPLEX 400/Dell 330W

    EDIT: SOLD Here’s the complete list of parts in this bundle, and what I paid for them. NFC Case: $199 NFC Machined On/Off Switch: $32 NFC Mini Feet: $25 NFC 3D Walnut Bezel: $55 NFC Skywire Cables: $39 HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX: $95 Dell 330W Brick: $98 ——————————— $543 w/ out shipping/tax/etc...
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    New skyreach owner, few questions

    If you’re putting a zotac mini in the S4 Mini (not classic), you won’t need a modified front bezel. Here’s mine with the Zotac 1070 Ti mini.
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    New skyreach owner, few questions

    How do you figure? I have a similar system (minus 2 hard drives) and it runs fine with the 1070 ti mini. Also, check Josh's BOM's on the website, the HDPLEX400 and 330W dell brick are (one of) the recommended setups for those GPU's. EDIT: According to, he's around 299W.