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    First ever SFF Build: What cooler for i7 8700k+Asus Strix 2080 Ti? (SM560 Sliger Case)

    I have installed Ryzen 9, Asus x570-I MB, RTX 2080 TI, and can not cool the CPU weel with Noctua tiny cooler, its way to high TEMP. and cant pass any stress tests, it gets hot and shuts down. Now I waiting for AIO cooler, will see will it helps.
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    Production Sliger SM550/560/570/580 (2 and 3 slot riser layouts, with air and liquid cooling variants)

    I just got my Sliger sm560 case and tried to install LPENFOHN BLACK RIDGE cooler to ASUS x570-I. No way, it does not fit. My RAM is too high and MB heatsinks are too high as well. The cooler's radiator sits too low and does not fit the case as well. Ordered Noctua cooler now.