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    SFF.Network Goodisory A01 Review

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    Enclosure What good and cheap sff cases are there on aliexpress?

    There are quite a few, our friend here @prayogahs have compiled these into an awesome list. Go to the "master list" URL at my signature below.
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    Concept Mirror Universe S Mini Classic (Star Trek Theme)

    Me want to see blue light strips on the sides.
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    Mechanical engineer out to break some barriers

    Welcome on board! I assume many would like to know more about that beauty. Any article URL or build log to share?
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    Log 5L Time Slayer v2

    Looking good mate! I didn't know Zotac 1660 Ti comes in ITX size. I'm currently using Zotac 1660 super in my CCD MI-6.
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    "SFF" Keyboards

    For the record, I clicked "like" before you add that last sentence 😁 And no for me the best switches are not brown/red. I'm a tactile switch user, so it's Outemu Sky 2.2 for me at the moment. Nothing wrong with brown itself, it's just my personal preference (moaar tactility).
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    "SFF" Keyboards

    From my past experience, the feet of plate mounted stabilizer never touch the PCB. But yeah I did put small electrical tape on the edge of the plate of the stab holes, to make sure they stay in place.
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    What did you do today?

    I see. I injured lower part of my back during my first bowling game. I think I threw the ball wrongly. Thankfully it's just a muscle injury, and it's OK after some physical therapy sessions. But yeah for one day I wasn't able to walk. Leaving my bed & sit down on my chair required me to...
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    "SFF" Keyboards

    For switches - if you use tactile or clicky switches, be careful with what part of the switch you lube. Some may lead to decrease in tactility or clicky-ness. If it's linear switch then not really an issue.
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    "SFF" Keyboards

    Nice. Don't forget to do the band-aid mod as well if your stabs are PCB-mounted.
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    What did you do today?

    What happened? Spinal fusion is usually suggested for chronic back pain that is caused by excessive movement of certain part of the spine right? I assume you've been experiencing this for a while?
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    What did you do today?

    Ouuch.. had back problem before, I know how it feels. Get well soon!
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    Other What's on Taobao

    Does it has to be from Taobao? I'm not sure how to engage official PSU vendors there. Would suggest to get the usual reputable brands from well known retailers.
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    Sentry case on deep sea

    Welcome to the forum @Navigator, that's a pretty interesting use case scenario you got there. I assume the Sentry is doing great, and yeah careful with corrosion though. Do you use any portable monitor or you just use any available TV panel there? If I remember correctly there are a few here in...