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    Modding a mSTX Motherboard to accept USB-C power-in

    I am currently working on a <100W system, powered entirely over a single USB-C cable. I'm using this motherboard, and was wondering. In order to replace the DC-in jack with a USB-C female port, would it be as simple as just matching the power pins? Is there any diagrams to STX DC-in pinouts?
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    Flex ATX Modding Services?

    Due to a custom build I am making, I need an Enhance ENP-7660B be modified in such a way, that the cables exit from the top left corner of the PSU, as opposed to from the back. Doesn't need to be modular, just a hole cut in the side, and the cables re-routed through that. Would it be possible to...
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    muRata PSUs? (MVAC400-12AF)

    I recently stumbled across this little gem: I wonder, could this be used in the same way an HDPlex 400W AC-DC Converter could? Could I wire this up directly to the accompanying HDPlex 400W HiFi DC-ATX? Seems to be a good deal smaller than any other...
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    Using a DC-LT Pump without pump top

    Is there any way I can modify this Aphacool DC-LT 2600 to integrate into a reservoir-less, soft tubing G 1/4" loop? I need to be able to fit a very small, standalone pump within the system, and without using any pump tops. Is there anything I can do, whether purchasing a 3d print, or other, in...