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    Silverstone SX750-PT is loud, hard to install, has compatibility issues.

    I have the same issues, I ordered a replacement PSU cable that is at the opposite angle so I dont have to bend mine as much. Also confirming the fan speed issue, I emailed silverstone support and they said its a bad fan controller, it seems to be a _really_ widespread issue from amazon and...
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    CableMod needs your feedback!

    The Silverstone SX750, came out a few weeks ago, would be great to get that added to the configurator.
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    Fitting 2x 120x15mm fans with PSU in the ATX position

    Not the least elegant solution I guess, less damaging than what I was considering doing, just drilling and tapping a new set of SFX holes, thanks. Now to find a left angled PSU cable since my PSU has the power plug towards the side of the case in this setup.
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    Fitting 2x 120x15mm fans with PSU in the ATX position

    Is it at all possible to fit two 120x15mm fans in the side braket with an SFX PSU in the front position? The ncase provided SFX bracket seems to push the PSU towards the side panel so the PSU blocks a 15mm being installed. Visible above: you have <15mm clearance between the side of the PSU and...
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    I have a V6.1 and am looking at putting 2 15mm thick 120mm in the side bracket, with an SFX PSU in the front ATX position two 15mm fans dont fit as the second hits the PSU. Will a ATX->SFX bracket offset it enough so it fits? My PSU didnt come with one so would have to go out and buy one and...