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    Thermalright AXP-90/R Full mounting mod

    Not satisfied with the original mounting method, I decided to buy the after market bracket and mod it a lil bit in order to use the original AM4 backplate that comes with motherboard. This is the older version of AXP-90, now there is newer version which has a slightly different mounting bracket...
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    Thermalright AXP90-47R - 120mm fan adapter(?)

    Not sure about your location, but here in Asia you can buy it from Taobao
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    Power Supply Please help, Provide advice on Flex power unit

    actually you can buy the modular board to convert it to
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    High static pressure, slim fan (90-100mm) for cpu heatsink

    Anyone has any good recommendation for 90-100mm slim high static pressure fan for cpu heatsink? Can’t find any topic discussing this, mostly talk about 120mm, or 92/100mm but thickness is 25mm. I’m looking for slimmer, probably 15mm or lower type. And also as silent as possible. I’m looking at...
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    Hello from Singapore!

    Welcome! My neighbour
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    Hello everyone, I'm new here

    Welcome to the abyss ?
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    My intro

    welcome ?
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    Silicone wire as main power cable

    Hi all, I have a silly question, I'm wondering if we can use soft silicone wire as main power cable? Since the voltage rating is more than 300V, and max amp is more than 30A for 16AWG silicone wire, because I still have leftover of 16AWG wire. Here from the wall it is 240V and 13A, perhaps can...
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    Modding Flex ATX PSU

    And also they did mentioned about fully digital power supply, not sure if the Enhance has this feature or not
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    Modding Flex ATX PSU

    But now we don’t have the price for this yet, can’t compare with the Enhance 500w Platinum. If price is too steep, I rather buy the Enhance, change the fan, and modify the casing to whatever colour of choice, in fact I already done with mine, I’ll update tomorrow, please checkout my post here...
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    Modding Flex ATX PSU

    Yea but i don't see any better except the black colour, and maybe the lower noise fan? Mine already been changed to maglev bearing fan, it's much quieter now ?
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    Power Supply Making SF600 Plat Cables Shorter

    modular or non?
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    Motherboard Asrock B450 Fatal1ty itx NVMe issue

    Holy molly cow finally the NVMe ssd can be used. Solution is simple, just enable NVMe raid mode in bios setting, that’s it! ? Wasted many days many hours??
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    Motherboard Asrock B450 Fatal1ty itx NVMe issue

    Nop, nvr have chance to install windows yet. It freezes at the screen with Asrock at the middle, ‘Press xxxxx’ to access bios at bottom right corner. I can access the bios with sata m.2, or without any m.2 ssd installed. your cpu is? 2nd or 3rd gen?
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    Motherboard Asrock B450 Fatal1ty itx NVMe issue

    Hi all, anyone using Asrock B450 Fatal1ty itx with m.2 NVMe ssd as boot drive? My mobo hang at bios load up screen whenever I plugged in the NVMe ssd. My hardware: 1. cpu: 3700x & 3400G, both also same outcome 2: ram: Klevv Bolt X 16GBx1 3200MHz, running at default 2666MHz, didn’t change...