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    Discussion Cannot see external usb hard drive Ubuntu 20.04 X64

    You can check with the 'Disks' application if it is mounted correctly (play/stop icon) but maybe this would be more appropriate in a Linux forum.
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    Discussion Need help with my first sffpc

    Be careful with the chipset cooler on that motherboard and the style of CPU cooler. The bended heatpipes in one direction and the fins in the other on the Blackridge as well as the L-12S get blocked by the chipset cooler. I have the older, passively-cooled version of that board and had to bend...
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    Discussion Help my build my first SFF PC

    The Sliger Cerberus might also be a candidate. A little larger than those on your list but it has the option for a handle as well and looks on the sturdy side. I have the NR200p and I don't think it's a good travel case. I'd imagine you want the panels to stay in place when lugging it in and out...
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    Discussion Need help with my first sffpc

    Hi, 1. I couldn't find anything about the 5950x (105W tdp) with the L9a (65W tdp) but you probably have to undervolt it (Noctua reference). As a developer myself I'm not so sure the clock-speed is as important as the core-count for virtual machines, which again would work in your favor when...
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    Linux vs. Windows

    As someone who runs multiple machines, I've split up work into Linux (Ubuntu) and private into Windows (I have full control over my work-machines and requirements). I've gone with the private Linux-machine for about half a year with focus on gaming and browser. You can absolutely get most games...
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    Discussion Flex PSU w/ no 40mm Fan

    I got the same PSU and replaced the fan with a Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX which is quite silent but then also added the low-noise adapter. The case blocks the top-vent so the air gets pushed out on the cable-side and i can still feel a slight breeze. My system should take up to 250w on full load and...
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    Dell Optiplex 5020 Flex ATX to SFX PSU mod

    Aaaah, missread that as the 8pin PCI-E adapter (clicking the link would have helped ;) ). Cool idea though, this would create an actual upgrade path for a lot of those slim Optiplexes.
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    Dell Optiplex 5020 Flex ATX to SFX PSU mod

    Does the Optiplex mainboard use the standard 24PIN layout? I thought those Dell systems use something proprietary
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    Which Fan should I choose for Node 202?

    Thx for the info. So the 25mm fans would fit snugly, but could it be less noisy with the 15mm fans since you can keep the rubber corners of the fan and have less vibration transfer from fan to case and gpu to fan ? Edit: Oh, I just realized, that you loose the GPU-standoff if you add 120mm...
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    Which Fan should I choose for Node 202?

    Isn't the fan frame choking the blower-intake? I would love to see a temperature comparison with and without the fans.
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    Which Fan should I choose for Node 202?

    Well you have a standard (not oversized) 2 slot graphics card and the Node 202 supports 2 120mm fans with about 10-15mm thickness (according to https://support.fractal-design.com/support/solutions/articles/4000055657-node-202-graphics-card-limitations-and-fan-possibilities ) I don't believe...
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    Which Fan should I choose for Node 202?

    Where should the fans be mounted? In the GPU-compartment? What graphics card do you wanna use?
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    Apple Mac G5 look-alike?

    What is the currency (¥) used on that site? 249.00 Japanese Yen is less than for a bag of candy and Chinese Renminbi would be less than 40 US Dollar
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    SFF.Network Streacom Launches the DA2

    Looks interesting since it supports big cpu coolers and I quite like streacoms build quality. I believe they use @dondan s A4-SFX as size comparison on page 11 in the pdf :D
  15. Freeks

    Production SENTRY 2.0: Evolution of console-sized gaming PC case

    Ok, maybe this would have been more appropriate in the "old" Sentry-Thread. I thought about it more like a non-destructive modding idea with 3d-printing the standoff bracket that screws to the PSU-bracket. I absolutely agree that it is much to niche for mainstream production.