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    Off Topic Origin of your nickname

    Mine is a shortened version of my internet name I used back in the early 2000's. It was Freebooter Gaz which was taken from the Warhammer 40k Ork Freebooters which I collected around the same time, I had the Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka model but was part of the Goff's Clan so converted him to be...
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    Phobya DC12-220

    Hi All, Has anyone ever had any experience with the Phobya DC12-220? I'm looking for a small pump and this one seems to fit the bill in terms of size and outlet positions.
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    Smallest Pump

    Hmmm, the DC-LT does look good, I think I did look at that before or something similar but it had fixed connections but that seems to be threaded which is a bonus. 100L per hour might be ok. I'm now getting a bit concerned about the amount of GPU blocks available for the RTX lineup so far so it...
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    Introduction Hey all

    Hi, My names John, I live in the UK. I've been building/modding PC's since the early 2000's but have had a somewhat long hiatus of doing any modding. I'm approaching the next upgrade for my PC, its currently running an i5 4460, 8Gb ram and a 750Ti. This has been one of my less 'cutting edge'...
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    Smallest Pump

    I did come across these and look into them, unfortunately they're discontinued so can be difficult to find, I've just looked at the spec sheet and the pump is rated to 70L an hour as opposed to 600 from a Laing so I'm not sure if it'll be sufficient for a CPU and GPU. Saying that I dont know...
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    Smallest Pump

    Hi All, Looking at making a loop in a Node 202, I've got some inspiration about what I want to do but want to check I've not missed anything obvious regarding the pump. I'm looking at either an EK SPC-60 or a Laing DDC with the stock top or some form of slim top on it. I've decided not to look...