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    S4T with single slot gpu?

    why would it be limited to intel? I’ve been thinking and playing around withdimensions in my head as I don’t have an s4m for measurements… luckily they are on the internet. in order to make this happen you’d probably want to limit headroom for cpu coolers even further than the 45mm in the...
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    S4T with single slot gpu?

    so… I’ve been looking at the upcoming S4T and I love the idea…. but I’m also looking at a S4M… but the S4M is overkill as I don’t need a big gaming GPU to lug around… I currently have a 20x20x55 mm ugly industrial case to lug around as my work pc…. the APU is nice and all but I’m missing some...
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    Geeek A60 - Ryzen 9 (build advice)

    hi All, after a few years of not building my own pc and just buying off the shelf hardware I once again caught the bug this summer and I've been looking to build a new pc. my current laptop was up for replacement after 4 yrs and instead of going full laptop I decided to go partially desktop...