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    S4MAX: Brickless S4M w/ 2080ti and R9 3950x - 800W water cooled - *working*

    It the thing above the Rad. A small 1U Res for the dc-lt.
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    Prototype YASFF 2 - Tiny ITX Gaming Case ~8L Water Cooled

    It seems that the Ekwb is not available at least in Europe. For whatever reason the Magicool is the most expensive 180 radiator, even though magicool is a budget watercooling pump. The cheapest rad here is actually this chuncky fella.
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    Prototype YASFF 2 - Tiny ITX Gaming Case ~8L Water Cooled

    @flar There is also a slim magicool 180 radiator. It also has two additional ports. @cokeeffect Nice work, this is a really cool case concept. Can't wait to see the finished build.
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    Closed WTB Asrock X99e ITX/ac

    I have one with an 5930k ES, original packaging and a Thermalright true spirit cooler with Narrow ILM mount. (Optional with 16gb (2*8) ddr4 ram) But I am only shipping within the EU. Greetings
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    PowerColor RX 5700 ITX

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    Post Your Rig/ Setup

    No, I replaced the original Frontheader (Usb 2.0/Firewire/Audio) with a Usb 3.0 one.
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    M99 matx 9,8l build log

    Well, I got to test the Gigabyte 1070 and of course it has obnoxious coilwhine. A 1060 3g itx had some too, but on this one its much more audible. For now it runs only with a 60% powerlimit, but I can still slightly hear the noise. Additionally, it still runs pretty warm, even with the low...
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    M99 matx 9,8l build log

    Another smallish update, My case should leave the warehouse soon (and the arrive in 7-12 days) I got the Supermicro Psu, which runs currently fanless for the last 36 hours under moderate load (folding, surfing and some benchmarking). It seems that the Cpu and Atx cable is just enough to plug...
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    Suggestions on a chasis for a server?

    Depending where you want to put the server, the Silverstone GD08 mght be Interesting. It comes with dustfilters, room for 8x3,5 drives, three fans and room for big cards.
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    M99 matx 9,8l build log

    Here is a small update. The case arrived at the superbuy warehouse and I am probably sptlitting the order into two parcels to keep the shipping down. Additionally, I ordered another Cpu/Motherboard combo from Aliexpress (58€). I wanted to try out these cheap Xeons for some time, although I am...
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    Post Your Rig/ Setup

    My current Apu Build in a Chenbro matx case (30€ with 350w 80Gold Tfx psu): 2400g Msi b450m mortar Titanium Scythe big Shuriken 16gb Lpx 3000
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    M99 matx 9,8l build log

    Hi, I am going to post here my (probably slow) progress on a build in one of these: It is a nice looking matx in the sandwich style under 10L with room for 2 120mm fans and a dual slot gpu up to...
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    Other What's on Taobao

    Hi, I am considering getting the M99 Matx as my new Pc case. Can somebody here verify/translate if I need to buy a pci-e riser, since the parts google could translate were not clear on that. Aside from that does any one here has this case?