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    Discussion PSU with both 120VAC and 12~16VDC or 24VDC input

    I got a Tesla recently and it's motivating me to try to see if i can do some VR gaming on the go (not while driving of course ;)). My plan is that I will obtain or build (around 200x 18650s) a ~2kWh power bank that I can keep in the car, and it can trickle charge from the car's 12V battery, and...
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    Discussion Acat X2 Info

    Damn @evadne sorry to see you had some issues. I still love this case, but I ended up going with a Iqunix ZX-1 for my 5950X build. So far the use of the riser has not been an issue for me (Uplink riser was not cheap though, but at least it's working properly) and I am happy with the 10.7L size...
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    CPU Hunting for X570 or B550 board that fully supports ECC!

    I’m hoping to get my 2x32GB KSM32ED8/32ME running with my 5950X. Currently it’s running in a B550I Aorus Pro AX. This was always supposed to be a temporary setup. The main reason to change the board is that I would like to be able to experiment with ECC memory overclocking. On this B550I it only...
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    CPU ADT M.2 to PCIe x4 extension choices

    I'm looking to get an M.2 to PCIe x4 extension that works to run the cable toward the left side of the under side of the board shown here: That is the direction toward the only space in my case that could...
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    Hey everyone!

    Yeah at no point was I suggesting checking the bag, pelican or otherwise. You just can’t risk it, I wouldn’t even consider doing that even if you fill your case with expanding foam... Nice, good luck with your build. I wanted more thermal headroom with my build so I went with a 10L case. It’s...
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    Log First SFF build - What could go wrong?

    I have to echo this here. you've spec'd a 3600X and 5700XT. I really don't think mid range parts belong in SFF for travel, because you can spend a moderate bit more and get a high end laptop with equivalent performance which has real usability advantages (use it on the train/bus/while waiting at...
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    Hey everyone!

    Dan A4 obviously is even smaller. You have to decide first what level of cooling you're intending to have and figure out just how hard you are going to push for minimal case volume.
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    Hey everyone!

    You're having the exact experience that I knew I'd have if I went with NR200. It's just big enough to be comfortable to work in and small compared to towers, but it's kind of pushing it for carry-on. You really gotta get to the 10L mark for it to be good. When I was going to college I had the...
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    Motherboard New X570 ITX board: AsRockRack X570D4I-2T

    @RockenRod thanks for sharing your notes it's very helpful. I'm trying to SFF a 5950X and I really love having extra connectivity options that this board uniquely provides but I'm also so torn on whether I'd rather just have a "regular" board! As I understand it, on this platform all of the...
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    Discussion Acat X2 Info

    I'm also interested in this case as well. It seems to be the most compact possible mATX case that supports 280mm AIO, a very unique setup. I was going to wait to do a Zen3 TR build but I caved yesterday and picked up a 5950X. Even with the 5950X an argument could well be made for micro ATX. It's...
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    Concept Formula X2- 13L ITX case with MATX Modular. Support 2 of 280MM AIO cooler

    Is there an update on this case? I am looking for an AIO cooled riser-less matx SFF case. This one is complete genius.
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    Part ADT 16x Risers — can anyone confirm whether they work @ pcie4?

    So yeah in conclusion PCIe 3.0 x16 may just have to do for now. I may even need to drop $100 on this extender! I don't like that but portability isn't cheap. I dont actually actively do ML stuff yet (just plan to). The GPGPU code that I'm already writing these days likes to gobble through...
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    Part ADT 16x Risers — can anyone confirm whether they work @ pcie4?

    In the long term, I am definitely not ok with halving the bandwidth, because I will be experimenting with GPGPU/ML and such workloads on this build. Bandwidth may not be a big factor for gaming, and although the machine may be suitable for gaming, I spend maybe 10% of my time actually gaming...
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    Part ADT 16x Risers — can anyone confirm whether they work @ pcie4?

    I’m gearing up for an ITX sandwich case build targeting 16 core zen 3 & either Navi21 or Ampere. I have completed the design of the case and I think I will need to source the riser for this case (sunmilo T03 pro). Now, all of these ADT risers state “PCIe 3.0 x16” on the seller pages, which is...
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    What software to use for case design.

    That’s awesome, thanks! I‘ve been using Shapr3D on my iPad and I completed a custom design for the side and front panels for my next build with it. the software let me import one model (and i wisely did it with a Vega Strix card). it got me through the job. What a nice piece of software.