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    Making the Geeek A30 more premium

    Thanks mate, it's getting there! Side panels cost £25 posted for the pair (including supplying the steel sheet) which seemed cheap but they've needed a bit of work after they arrived bent, the company I got them from said that was the best they could do. I think for a well machined truly flat...
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    Zotac RTX2070 Mini Zero Fan Bios Mod explained

    I managed to get 21% fan speed using a Galax bios on my 2070 Super Mini, haven't found a zero fan bios yet though
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    Champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget

    Hi guys, just checking in. Name's Chris, i've been a long time lurker and figured it was time to contribute for once! I've just started work on trying to make a Geeek A30 a bit more premium with custom CNC'd side panels, a Ryzen 3600 and 2070 Super, i've started a build thread here if anyone...
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    Making the Geeek A30 more premium

    Hi guys, first time poster. I've been slowly but surely building smaller and smaller PC's over the last couple of years and things are starting to get tight. My most recent venture is to make the most of the Geeek A30 but, like with all my builds so far, things will be a bit different from the...
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    Incoming New Build : Geeek A31 V2

    I'll be curious to see how you get on fitting the 1080Ti mini, it looks to be about 20mm too long for the case's max dimensions. I had to get an A30 for that exact reason. Keeping tabs on this...
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    GEEEK A30 Build help - Flex ATX PSU issue

    Glad you sorted it, I have an A30 with a Delta 400W PSU that only came with one 8 pin PCI-E connector, I ended up using a SATA to PCI-E 6 pin to be able to post. Would be curious to know how your PSU goes, i'm potentially looking at having to RMA mine as it crackles and buzzes under any kind of...
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    Memory Very low profile DDR4 ram

    Legend thank you, I'll give these a try later
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    Power Supply Flex Psu 500w+ need help

    Servercase on eBay have some new ones with warranty for fair prices, I just ordered one and paid £160 Inc shipping and customs fees to the UK. I'd recommend staying away from anything Delta as they tend to be refurbished and poor quality, the 7660b seems to be highly rated.
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    Memory Very low profile DDR4 ram

    That's good to know, I picked up a pair of these last week. So far I've booted fine at 3400 with auto timings but haven't tried tightening them yet, your results are promising
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    Enclosure Geeek A31 V2

    Luckily I found an A30 used on eBay as the A31 will only fit itx form factor cards. Shame as I wanted to downsize but didn't want to sacrifice GPU horsepower, my 2070 Super Mini is a perfect fit in the A30. No way it would fit without permanent modification to the shroud and fans.
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    Cooling Sharkoon QB One cooler height

    My old case was a QB One. I had a Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi and it was at the absolute limit of what could be squeezed in without case fans. If you wanted to use a case fan that would impact your cooler height, yes