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    SFF Network SilverStone’s VT01 – TJ07-esque uSFF!

    The problem is as soon as you change the standoff height, the rear IO shield is useless :/
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    Consider this a placeholder for me to get this build logged :) Specs: In-Win 301 (25L, the shame!) Gigabyte GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 Intel i7-7700T Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB DDR4-3200 8gb x 4 (32GB) SilverStone ATX (shhh) 750w Modular PSU Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 4gb x 2 Bykski GPU blocks Barrow CPU...
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    Feedback The SFF.N Update Thread: Track our work!

    @Canities I'm not involved in the dev work, just FYI :) I'll pass it on to @PlayfulPhoenix tho
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    Off Topic Show your new toys Topic

    Many new toys in there. Also, the world's densest In-Win 301. Pretty sure it is anyways. Pump arrives tomorrow
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    New data for V6 on your web page? Mini-DTX compatible? New GPU clearance for V6? New SFX position?

    @davbojic I'd appreciate it if you didn't spam - you PM'd me the same question, and not getting a response within twenty minutes, you posted it here. (and then again in the NCAse subforum when @Choidebu advised you).I've moved this thread to the correct vendor subforum for you.
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    Build advice in a Silverstone FTZ01B-E - picked parts vs cooling and silence potential

    CPU fan(s) should be intake; I'd run the other fans as intake as well, let the air escape out the back. Positive pressure generally means less dust, and in the RVZ/FTZ series, it seems that it's designed for all intake :)
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    Off Topic What did you do today?

    Waiting on some parts and funds to finish this InWin 301 build. Not quite SFF, but short of paying NZ$700 to get a Cerberus to me, close enough.
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    Sapphire Pulse RX570 ITX 4GB - Ongoing impressions

    I've come across Dell, HP, etc boards that outright blacklist cards unless they are a specific model - thanks OEMs -_-
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    Off Topic The space inefficiency thread

    35 deskminis :D
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    SFF Network SilverStone’s VT01 – TJ07-esque uSFF!

    Continue reading...
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    Feedback The SFF.N Update Thread: Track our work!

    @Canities Use
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    Guest Review: ECS Liva Z2

    Fixed. Thanks @j∅rd
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    Guest Review: ECS Liva Z2

    Again, as has been mentioned numerous times across the announcement subforum, we are having issues with the URL re-write system, meaning that front page content is broken. It's being worked on. @Duality92 @Kooki