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    Inwin Chopin GPU 1050 ti Mod - Pluto

    Look at the Lone Industries cases and business model if you are interested in this form factor
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    G-Unique Plug&Play Units Pre-Order!

    Can you add a 6+2pin pcie power cable option?
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    The fun goes on! Win with SFF Network's post-CES giveaway

    I think AMD's Vega and Ryzen display was really cool I can't wait to see how it upsets the market.
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    Anyone heard of CEMO?

    Yea totally, I would love to hear your thoughts. How much do you think they are worth?
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    Anyone heard of CEMO?

    Why not just go with the 1001? It has expansion slots and is only 12mm larger in length
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    Anyone heard of CEMO?

    From Aliexpress they seem to have a few offerings that may intrigue. I think these prices include a PSU Cemo 1001 ITX HTPC - LP expansion slots x3, Flex PSU, WITH disc drive, cpu cooler height of 60mm (likely more) 300x220x100mm Cemo 9001 ITX HTPC - LP expansion slots x2, Flex PSU, NO disc...
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    Power Supply 500W FlexATX PSU

    Here's a fantastic case for flex