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    Ghost S1 build - Wait for Nvidia or not?

    This is my prospect so far: CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X or 3600 Depends on your budget and real need. I built a ghost last summer, first SFF and long time since last PC, so I wanted to have fun and went for the 3700X. But I'm pretty sure a 3600X (now that the price is more or less the same as the non X)...
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    Louqe Ghost with 2070super and 3700X cooled byL12S frankenstein

    I discoverd this great video : and there I see that the guy has the same MB(aorus X570i), the same L12S ... but managed to fit the original fan! While I hacked with the L9x65 fan ... grrrrr I took advantage of the holiday yesterday, to watch the part of the video that concerns the L12S, and...
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    Streacom DA2 - Silent build (250w / 350rpm / 10db)

    the big fan is a bit muffled by the wood furniture on the right, isn' it ?
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    First SSF build. Dan Case w/ 1080 TI and some re-used parts from old build. NEED HELP!!

    pretty good list. My few advices/suggestions : - Corsair SF600 => get the platinum version, for few dollars more, you will have a better power delivery (considering you have a 1080ti, you need it), and icing on the cake, sleeved cables easier to manage. Also, don't know if it's also like that on...
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    Any available custom single sleeved cables for Dan Case / Corsair sf600?

    buy the platinum version of the SF600, you will get sleeved cables. Not custom for a Dan case, but at least easier to manage than the standard cable of hte gold version. That's what I did for my louqe built, and I'm very happy with them
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    First Actual SFF build

    not exactly SFF, but like the idea of a mini sleeper
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    Streacom DA2 - Silent build (250w / 350rpm / 10db)

    on se retrouve ici ;)
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    Dreaming of a truly SFF (ITX) case for 3950X

    in my humbe opinion, I think the smaller you can go "reasonably " are the ncase M1 or the louqe ghost with large top hat to fit an AIO. A Dan case with smaller AIO could be considered... but not sure about cooling performance
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    ̶N̶o̶d̶e̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶ ̶v̶s̶ Evolv Shift - build advice

    sure, if you like the tower design, then the shift is a great choice, and pretty good price. Go for it ;)
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    ̶N̶o̶d̶e̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶ ̶v̶s̶ Evolv Shift - build advice

    got the same SFF bug few weeks ago mate ;) I initially looked at the same cases like you did, but I turned them down. Sure, they are prettry "cheap" to buy and easily available. But not sure they really are SFF case to consider in late 2019. Many other choices more interesting in my opinion...
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    Louqe Ghost with 2070super and 3700X cooled byL12S frankenstein

    I thought L12S in a ghost would attract fellow ghosters. In my opinion Ghost is better without top hat. Almost everybody go to AIO in top hat road, since the non S L12 is not available anymore. It miss some aircooling solutions and sharing about it. Bottom line : yes L12S can fit Just need easy...
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    Build-Check (Raijintek Ophion EVO)

    you mentionned you were looking for 4K gaming. As the others, I would recommend to swap from 2060super to 2070super, which is the minimum card to play 4K quite comfortably
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    Louqe Ghost with 2070super and 3700X cooled byL12S frankenstein

    Quick updater, finally happy with my ghost. I managed to fit a L12S. But i had to Frankenstein or MacGyver it a bit... First, bending. Actually was kind a walk in the park. Much easier than expected. Main challenge is to find right bend to get clearance but also keep the base for the cpu at...
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    Cpu cooler problem! Ghost s1

    I had a l9x65 on x570i aorus and 3700x. Performance was good enough, but noise level was terrible due to fan too close to the side panel of the louqe. I finaly managed to mount a L12S. But need some work. First, you need to bend it slightly and carefuly. Second, due to motherboard very...