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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    Due to the large heat sink it was a very tight fit with the pump block and the tubing I had to essentially wedge it I’m against the heat sink. Also, I had everything working but it kept crashing when I tried to boot into windows. A rookie mistake on my behalf, but I didn’t immediately think to...
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    So I put my build together in the case on Saturday. 9700k, strix z390i motherboard, 240mm aio and a 2080 founders edition graphics card. I’ve only ever built one pc before (in a large atx case) and the m1 was super easy. I did have some issues with the motherboard and windows installation but...
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    I received my case yesterday in Wollongong, Australia. Very happy with everything about it. Looking forward to building in it soon.
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    My placeholder v5 while I wait for the v6

    That’s a really nice build! I really like the look of the noctua cooler. I’m hoping to do something similar in the V6 myself. I’m having a hard time deciding between air cooling (c14s) or an AIO (x52) and which motherboard to get to accomodate. I prefer the aesthetics of air cooling. From what...