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    News New GPU hybrid with radiator in PCIe by Asetek

    So I was off by 0.5cm - the Kingpin is 19% bigger than the Rad-Card instead of 12%. They are very much comparable size-wise. The Rad-Card is 100% bigger than a standard 2-slot blower or open air GPU. Those are very much NOT comparable size-wise. A setup with the Kingpin radiator drawing air...
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    News New GPU hybrid with radiator in PCIe by Asetek

    They are as much comparable as a blower to an open-air gpu - because they are blower and open-air AIOs - both keeping the gpu cool. ;) In what way is the 240mm considerably larger than the rad card? From what I can tell the rad card takes up 2 slots for the actual GPU (4cm) + a bit more than 2...
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    News New GPU hybrid with radiator in PCIe by Asetek

    That a cooling solution that has about 7cm "width" to work with outperforms one that has about 3cm and is generally considered to be inferior efficiency wise ("blower") isn't really much of a surprise. The thing takes up about 2.5 liters by itself (by my estimation), so it better be at least as...
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    not if you try to stuff 2x18AWG+1x16AWG into it. ;)
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    It depends on what you mean by "combining them at the plug by crimping the wires together". You can of course use something like a butt connector to crimp the wires together instead of soldering them. This is also suggested as an alternative in the op. If you mean to use the crimp connector at...
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    Log sub 5L 2080ti/3700x case feasibility

    If you are looking for risers that support "odd" placements of PCIe card in relation to the motherboard slot take a look at the risers ADT-Link offers. I'm personally using an R33UF-TU type to place a GPU beside the motherboard with both CPU and GPU heatsink facing on direction and the riser...
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    Memory Very low profile DDR4 ram

    It's not listed as such on amazon, but what I can gather from neweggs listing those are Reg ECC, thus won't work in most desktop boards.
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    No video signal after windows logo

    Try limiting the pcie slot speed to pcie gen3 (or even gen2) in the bios and see if it makes a difference. There were some reports with nvidia gpus misbehaving on x570 due to pcie gen4.
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    Cooling Scythe KazeFlex low-profile fan review.

    I don't want to be to nitpicky, but... As far as I know FDBs generally don't have a spinup-stabilizing magnet at all. The (also proprietary :D ) Matsushita FDBs Scythe is using are design wise about as far removed from a SSO2 bearing as they are from a sleeve bearing. The rating of the Scythe...
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    Cooling Scythe KazeFlex low-profile fan review.

    I love my Big Shuriken 2B to bits, so please don't take this as a diss on Scythe. But I would be careful with a conclusion, from a few hours out of the box experience, that Scythe fans are on the same quality level as Noctua fans. Noctua fans have in my experience never been the absolute...
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    More G-unique BTO PSUs are now available(direct order)

    I quickly took a multimeter to my Archdeamon Limited Edition and at least all 22 caps on the "TaCap armor" are decoupling the 12V line. Can't reach the other ones on the memory side to measure. Can't tell how useful those are to actually remove AC ripple from the line, as they all seem to have...
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    You can view/download the report directly from Mean Wells site - they publish one for each of their PSUs. EPP-500-12
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    How to shape aluminum?

    If you have a drillpress to align and fix the workpiece in relation to the drill you could just drill a fine line of connected holes and file down the rest for a nice finish with a metal rasp. Considering the softness of aluminium, that the case is probably only a few mm thick and you only want...
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    Production ONE2 DISTRO 400 - A 12V Power distribution board

    Just pointing this out: the linked unit is only a DC/DC Module (with horrible efficiency to boot). Hope you don't plan on trying to run it on AC power.
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    Lazer3D Launches the HT5 - and a Giveaway!

    The HT5 in the timber variation is probably my favorite, due to the way it handles the (imo) main issue of laser cut acrylic sheet material - namely edge cuts that have a surface texture that is off from the flat surface. Due to the material composition chosen in that specific case the edges...