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    Raijintek Thetis: Another small ATX case

    Update: I'm borrowing a 3070 FTW3 and it fits! (I also rotated the PSU housing to hide the ugly warning labels)
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    Raijintek Thetis: Another small ATX case

    Thanks AcquaCow and everyone else on this thread for the detailed posts! All of these photos and explanations are what helped me choose this case earlier this year. Here's a quick and dirty photo of my setup at the moment: Yes, I know the fans should be the other way around for better airflow...
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    Log First SFF PC - Ryzen Metalfish S3 build + case review

    Last year I built my first small form factor PC, and it went surprisingly well! Here's an album detailing the build process: Here's the PC Part Picker list: ...and here are some thoughts on the Metalfish S3 case: Pros -Affordable. At...