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    Custom Hardline Loop in Phantek’s Shift (non x)

    That is one beautiful PC. I wish I had the skill, money, and patience for a build like this.
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    Skyreach 4 Mini - Water Cooled HTPC

    Ooooh boi, those are some tight tubes. Does it close?
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    Z370 Kimera Cerberus Build

    Hmmm, why is your CPU cooler's front fan exhaust pointing out like that, I'd imagine pushing air towards the heatsink would be optimal.
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    More G-unique BTO PSUs are now available(direct order)

    Damn, for a second I thought I had the 8 pin, luckily I have a 12 pin. That can handle a GTX 1080 TI and i7-7700k right?
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    Closed S4 Mini Classic + Custom Bezels / NFC PCIe Riser / HDPLEX 400 / DELL 330W

    I'm still interested. How much would shipping be to California?
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    NFC S4 Mini-C #393 “The Beach”

    This post gives me hope. I got my GTX 1080 Ti mini in with a 3D bezel but theres no beating that beautiful bent piece of aluminum.
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    NFC S4 Mini - 8700k / 1080

    Looking to get the same setup in my S4 Mini, would you be able to fit that CPU Cooler+Fan combo in a case with high profile ram like the RGB Trident sticks?
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    S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

    I've seen several people use Guryhwa's G-unique modded PSUs to power a GTX 1080 Ti in there S4 mini builds. Is there any particular reason Josh made no mention of the PSU in the video?
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    Some advice about mITX 1080 ti mini build.

    A Zotac GTX 1080 Ti mini probably isn't the best choice if you're using a case that big. You can probably fit a dual fan EVGA aftermarket card and benefit from lower noise and better airflow.
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    Closed Two Zaber Sentry cases (one white, one black) - MN USA

    Honestly I didn't think the Sentry was worth the original price. The Node 202 is almost the same size, and it is a whole lot cheaper and it actually includes additional ways to pump some more air into system as well as coming with dust filters.
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    Closed NFC 3D Bezel $27 shipped

    I'll buy it. PM so I can give you money.
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    Closed NFC 3D Bezel $27 shipped

    I'm looking to buy a NFC S4 mini pretty soon. Would this fit this baby to provide enough room for a GTX 1080 TI mini?
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    Closed case MINI itx 4.0L rev.4

    Would you ship this to the US? Also it's just the case right? Or does this include a PSU?