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    Lian Li/DAN A4-H2O

    Hello Everyone, In my opinion the design of the prototype is much better than the second one with the edges. The round curves make the case look flawless, timeless and standing out of the competition, because the majority of sff cases are full of edges (like Ncase M1, Sliger, FormD T1, etc)...
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    Concept Circle CORE - NEW - 280mm rad, 3-slot GPU, 78mm CPU height, mesh panels, 13.7L ITX

    In my opinion the design of this new product is far behind Circle Pro's curved edges and quality, because i think aluminum is the best material for that type of cases. I understand that you want to reduce the manufacturing cost in order to reduce the final price, because truly Circle Pro at 450...
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    Hello from Greece!!!!

    I am very glad that I have joined a forum related to SFF!
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    Buying Circle Pro Case

    Hello, is the case still available?