Become a Contributor

Are you a SFF enthusiast? Have you reviewed PC hardware and software in the past, or always wanted to? Do you have an opinion or a tip that you’d like to share? SFF Network relies not only on in-house authors, but a network of community members and contributors, to support our 24/7 feed of news, articles, reviews, and features. Consequently, we are always open to incorporating more contributors, to help us grow our community, and boost our own collection of information for SFF enthusiasts. If you’re interested in sharing a product review, or a system build, or even just general information about anything SFF, then look no further than below to read up on the process and requirements for getting published on SFF Network.


What We’re Looking For

The opinions of those who build and use SFF systems are as varied as the builds themselves. Thus, as a community for all users of SFF systems, we feel it’s important to offer multiple viewpoints wherever possible, and encourage a diversity of perspectives and content that reflects everything going on in the SFF space. Here are a few examples of contributor content that illustrate what we’re always looking for:

  • Walkthroughs about overclocking/underclocking SFF systems.
  • Counterpoints to existing articles we’ve published, offering another opinion.
  • Build reviews, or how-to’s on a modification or customization that you’ve done.
  • News summaries, offering balanced-but-critical takes on product announcements and other events.
  • Hardware reviews on products that we haven’t already reviewed ourselves.
  • Op-ed write-ups regarding market and industry developments.
  • Any article about particular interests in SFF, and why they’re important.


General Writing Guidelines

These guidelines are not requirements, but are simply here to give you an idea of how long contributor articles should be, and what should be included within one:

  • Original articles (news write-ups, op-eds, and so forth) should be between roughly 500-1000 words, and include one photo.
  • System builds, walkthroughs, or similar articles should be 600-1200 words (or longer, if necessary) and should include around 4-6 photos minimum.
  • Product reviews should be between 1000-2000+ words, and should include 6-12 photos minimum.
  • Any and all photos should be as large as possible, and no smaller than 450x600px.



Before sending in your submission, make sure that it is:

  • Specifically related to SFF hardware and systems, or remains linked to SFF in a meaningful way.
  • 100% original, and doesn’t violate any copyright laws or other restrictions.
  • Written in English, with proper spelling and grammar.
  • Able to be used exclusively on SFF Network (all contributor submissions become the property of SFF Network upon receipt).
  • Complete with a headline (no longer than 65 characters), byline (your full name) and includes all necessary photos and links.
  • Formatted properly (no bold text in the body, and wrap sub-headings in H4 tags).

Once your article package is ready for submission:

  • Email it to [email protected] with the subject ‘Guest Post’.
  • Attach the article to the email in either RTF or TXT format, or include it in the email body.
  • Include all necessary photos (preferably zipped for multiple images). We suggest using an online lossless compression tool (if you don’t have one installed on your computer) before sending/zipping any images.
  • You may include a single link in your end-of-story bio, to a personal website or an organization or cause that you are associated with (no affiliate links will be accepted).


What Happens Next

Once we receive your submission we will:

  • Decide if your subject is appropriate for our site.
  • Review and edit it for spelling, grammar and readability.
  • Occasionally return an article with corrections and suggestions to improve it.
  • Post it promptly on the website and share it with the world.
  • Provide a link from the article back to a personal site of your choice.

Finally, note that not all submissions will be published on our site. If you submission is rejected, you will receive an email with the reason. If it’s due to volume, we may ask to keep your submission on file for a period of time. If it’s an issue with your article that can’t be fixed by editing, however, we will offer suggestions for fixing it and invite you to resubmit.

Thanks again for your interest and we hope to see your article on SFF Network soon!