Asus Posts Windows 11 Motherboard Compatibility Website

  Asus has posted a website listing Windows 11 compatibility of their motherboards. The list stretches all the way back to the Intel 100 series of the Skylake era, which launched in August of 2016. While the true compatibility level starts at the Intel 300 series and newer boards, Asus does state that older boards are compatible with current testing but “upgrability is subject to the support from operation system or 3rd party drivers availability”.   Check out the compatibility page by clicking this link.

Review Roundup: MSI Spatium M480 and M470 NVME M.2 Gen4 SSD

Reviews have dropped for the PCIe Gen4 MSI Spatium M480 and M470 M.2 SSDs, and reviewers have given it their endorsement. The drives features Phison E18 and E16 controllers respectively, and are rated for speeds of 7,000MB/s for the M480, and 5,000MB/s for the M470. Both drives use TLC memory, and the M480 comes with a bronze heatsink that immediately made me want to do a Steam Punk based build. Heat was a concern for the 470 where some minor throttling was observed, but performance was still very good with most reviews putting the performance on par or above the …

TLDR NEWS: When You Don’t Have Time to Read It…

Welcome to TLDR News. Here I’m going to pick a few stories from around the computing world that might impact my fellow SFF users, and just write the TLDR for them. The original story link is next to the TLDR blerb… Fractal Designs has ordered a recall for their new Torrent PC Case due to faulty fan controllers. Story Link – Tom’s Hardware   Microsoft is adding a few 7th gen X-Series and Xeon W-Series CPUs to Windows 11 compatibility. Zen 1 is still out of luck. They also released new software to check for compatibility.  Story Link – Tom’s …

G.Skill Launches Z5i Small Form Factor Case

G.Skill has entered the Small(ish) Form Factor ITX case market with the Z5i. The vertically designed Z5i supports a 280mm radiator/AIO, 70mm tall CPU cooler, ITX motherboard, PCIe 3.0 riser, 3 slot wide and up to 330mm long GPU, and SFX power supply. It can also house two 2.5 inch hard drives, and one 3.5 inch hard drive though this will interfere with GPU length. The case is note worthy for its 4mm bent tempered glass, giving it a unique shape with hinged panels, and making volume calculation difficult without measuring it directly. Cooling is handled through two rear fans …

RTX 3080 and 3090 Blower Fan Cards Return But Only In China

RTX 3000 series blower style cards quietly disappeared several months ago. Galax is bringing them back but only for the Chinese market in the form of a RTX 3080 and 3090. Videocardz has posted a comparison article looking at the previous Galax models and found there are some minor changes to the PCB design. Here is a link to the Videocardz article. Blower cards have gotten a bad reputation due to their poor performance in comparison to large axial cooler fans. A recent example of this would be the Radeon 5700XT series which suffered from high temperatures and loud operation. …

Digital Foundry Interviews Intel About ARC Alchemist Graphics

More graphics cards are coming and it’s not from AMD or Nvidia. Intel is planning to enter the dedicated GPU market with their new Alchemist GPU. Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter and Alex Battaglia have done a fantastic interviews with Intel’s Lisa Pearce and Tom Pettersen. Topics include the architecture, machine learning, and Xe Super Sampling (XeSS); Intel’s competitor to Nvidia’s DLSS. Considering how all of use are struggling for GPUs right now, and the SFF community in particular for ITX sized, every new GPU helps. Check it out below.

Zotac Releases Fanless ZBOX SFF PC

Zotac has posted a product page for their latest 1.79L mini-pc; the ZBOX CI621 / CI625 / CI645 / CI665 Nano. Powered by the Intel 11th generation mobile processors, and sporting up to 4 cores with 8 threads, the newest ZBOX is focused on silence complete with entirely passive cooling. The C1625 uses a large aluminum heatsink combined with a very open case design to allow for fanless operation.   Expansion options include a 2.5 inch HD/SSD, M.2 slot, and SO-DIMM based RAM expansion. External ports include HDMI 2.0, Displayport 1.4, USB-C 3.1, two LAN ports, and one Thunderbolt 4 …

Retro Relook: Macintosh Edition!

It’s the weekend, so news will be light. Time to take a trip back in time and look at some retro small form factor PCs with a Retro Relook. This week is focused on Apple and some vintage SFF Macintosh machines. Let’s start with the Macintosh LC. If you’re old enough, you may remember this being in your schools. The L stood for low and the C stood for cost. This was my first computer, and I own a nearly perfect one today. I can personally attest that they should have added an S to the name for slow. You …