Maxtang PC Shows Fanless SFF PC: GXTL-50

Maxtang PC, a China based PC manufacture, has released the specs for their upcoming fanless SFF PC according the FanlessTech twitter account. According to Maxtang’s website, the fanless mini-pc can be equipped with up to an Intel I7-1165G7  CPU, 64GB of SO-Dimm DDR4 Ram, and a single 2280 sized M2 SSD. Pricing was not specified as of yet, nor was market availability outside of China. You can follow this link to the Maxtang website to learn more.

Thermalright Shows Silver Soul 135mm Tall Dual Tower Cooler

Thermalright has updated their website to show a new cooler of interest to the Small Form Factor community; The Silver Soul 135.     Coming in at only 135mm in height but packing a 120mm fan, the Silver Soul 135 could be an efficient cooler for those in the SFF community. Cases such as the NCASE M1 allow up to 135mm clearance in certain configurations, and there are several upcoming sub-20L cases that would support the cooler. The Silver Soul 135 appears to be a follow-up or extension of the Silver Arrow 130. Aside from the height, one substantial difference …

Noctua Offering Free LGA1700 Upgrades Except For NH-L9i

Noctua has announced that it will be offering free upgrade kits for the upcoming Intel LGA1700 socket. However, the NH-L9i will not be compatible with these kits due to hardware incompatibilities. Noctua will introduce a new version of the NH-L9i specific for the LGA1700 platform. The Noctua NH-L9i is one of the most popular cpu coolers in the small form factor community. It has a stock height of only 47mm, and provides surprisingly effective cooling performance while being relatively quiet. Unlike other Noctua coolers, the NH-L9i does not use the same SecuFirm mounting system that other Noctua coolers such as …

Silverstone Reveals Vital 4 NUC Element H Chassis

We’re late to the party on this but Silverstone is introducing its take on the NUC element chassis called the Vital 4. Featuring a unique fold out design, the Vital 4 supports up to 321mm long (168mm x 58mm x 321mm)  GPUs, has two 120mm exhaust fans on the top, and built-in antennas for Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. Front I/O includes support for USB 3.1 Gen2x2, combo mic and headphone port, and a card reader. A 700 watt SFX PSU is included. The suggested retail price is $379.99 US. Click here for Silverstone’s product page. Click here for the …

Colorful Launches Two B560 ITX Motherboards

China based manufacturer Colorful has launched two B560 ITX Motherboards that compliment the styling of their recently announced ITX 3060 GPU. The boards are the CVN B560I Gaming Pro V20 and the CVN B560 Gaming Frozen V20.     The boards both use the Intel B560 chipset with the primary difference being the Frozen edition has a white PCB while the Gaming Pro has a black PCB. Both feature support for up to DDR4-4266, PCI Express 3.0 x 16 expansion slot, and a single M.2 slot. Pricing is listed as $185 for the Pro and $195 for the Frozen. Here …

Review Roundup: Phanteks T30-120 Fan

Reviews have dropped for Phanteks T30-120 fan with very positive results. Phanteks has clearly taken a shot directly at Noctua, but also put their own flare on the 120mm fan segment. A quick run down of the specs shows why people are talking about this fan: Sunon Magnetic Levitation bearings. Fiberglass reinforced liquid crystal polymer (similar to Noctua’s Sterrox) Built-in fan speed selector on a three phase motor: Advanced up to 3000 RPM Performance up to 2000 RPM Hybrid where the fan doesn’t start spinning until PWM signals go above 50%, and caps the fan at 1200RPM. Daisy-Chain support. 6 …

Retro Relook – Old SFF PCs

News for the SFF crowd is light right now, so let’s take a walk back in time to the old days of SFF. The really old days. I’m talking about when the term shoebox PC was the word of the day, and good cable management was just getting all the ketchup and mustard to fit. The days of custom mainboards with cooling systems designed by Frankenstein, and when all SFF PCs needed to squeeze in an optical drive.   Let’s start with LGR with a look back at a small form factor 486 PC.   Truly a sight to behold. …