Zotac Magnus ONE First Impressions

Image Credit – Revenant Zotac was kind enough to send us one of their Magnus One SFF PCs for review. Normally, I prefer to delve directly into the review of a system. However, for the Zotac Magnus ONE we had a slight delay due to deciding to add a Zotac Magnus EN1070 for comparison. A brief look at the very basics of specs:   Magnus ONE: Intel i7-10700 RTX 3070 32GB of DDR4-SODIMM (note that the system sells with 16GB, but we require 32GB for our testing). 512GB NVME SSD 1TB HD 500 Watt Platinum PSU   Image Credit – …

Noctua and DROP Team Up for Keycap Set

Image Credit  – Drop DROP and Noctua have teamed up to make an official keycap set. Designed by MiTo with an MT3 profile, the brown on brown caps are compatible with Cherry MX switches and their clones. Also included in the designs are some Noctua novelty style designs that show fans, logos, and other cooling related items. Pricing starts at $115. I hope they ship this via UPS. Here is a link to the product page. No word yet if there will be a Chromax version….  /S    

Innodisk Launches M.2 Based 10GbE Network Card

Image Credit – Innodisk Innodisk has launched the EGPL-T101 M.2 network card. It features a Marvell AQtion controller, supports 10GbE, and uses a small daugterboard for port connectivity. The card is aimed at the embedded and industrial markets, but no doubt someone in the SFF world will find a way to put it to interesting use. One of the most difficult aspects of SFF builds is the lack of expansion for upgrades such as a faster network cards, capture cards, or additional M.2 slots. The majority of the time, SFF builders need to rely on external USB powered adapters and …

Rumor: RTX 2060 Returns With 12GB

  Anyone else getting deja vu? It appears the rumors of Nvidia bringing back the RTX 2060 are true, at least according what Tom’s Hardware discovered in the latest driver release. Tom’s theorizes that it appears that Nvidia’s plans of selling Turing based crypto mining cards, that have no resale value once they aren’t profitable, didn’t pan out. Shocker. Who would have thought it? Sales plummeted by 60% in Q3, and now Nvidia is sitting on a bunch of 2060 class Turing GPUs. What will they do? Slap some extra VRAM on it and sell it to desperate gamers. Except …

Sapphire Announces GearBox 500 Thunderbolt 3 PULSE RX 6600XT 8GB eGFX External GPU

Sapphire has announced their newest eGPU: the GearBox 500 Thunderbolt™ 3 PULSE RX 6600XT 8GB eGFX. Sporting a futuristic aluminum sandwich-style case, the eGPU comes packed with a 6600XT, though it can accept a range of GPUs up to an AMD 6700XT, Nvidia 3060 Ti, or Nvidia Quadro P4000. If you don’t want to put a GPU in the case, the internal PCIe slot is rated at PCIe 3.0 x 4, but is physically an X16 length slot. Additionally, the GearBox 500 comes equipped with a 500 watt power supply, gigabit Ethernet port, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports. …

Galax Launches 168mm Long RTX 3060 GPU

Photo Credit: All photos in this article from Galax Website Videocardz has spotted that Galax has launched another GPU that you will probably only be able to see in pictures: The RTX 3060 Metaltop Mini FG. Coming in at just 168mm long, the Mini FG is a two slot RTX 3060 based card with a boost clock on 1777MHz. One nice feature is that it’s open at the rear to exhaust some of the heat the card produces from the case. For SFF users, that can be a big advantage. Combined with some upcoming SFF systems in our concepts forum, …

Jonsbo Launches V11 Small Form Factor Case

Jonsbo is launching its latest entry into the small form factor arena with the V11. The sandwich style case measures 170mm (W) x 353mm (D) x 217mm (H). Alternately, you can the case on end which changes the dimensions to 217mm (W) x 170mm (D) x and 353mm (H) (Plus feet). The unit features a 3 slot GPU side capable of supporting cards up to 330mm long. This is reduced to 300mm with a front fan installed. CPU air cooler support is up to 70mm, which makes options like the Noctua L12S viable. The stats page lists space for a …

Upcoming SFF.Network Content

Happy holidays to all you SFF fans out there. I wanted to take a moment to let you know about some of the content we’re working on for SFF.Network, and thank you for supporting us. Having recently joined the SFF.Network team, I have truly learned to appreciate the support of our readers and members. You have made me a better writer, editor, and reporter, and I love getting your feedback in our forums. We’ve been working hard to make sure SFF.Network is one of the best spots on the Internet to get SFF information, and are working even harder to …