How STX Changed My View of SFF

This article marks a return to my editorial content – occasional articles entirely based on my personal opinion. These are part of a series focusing on issues in the SFF niche. All content is entirely opinion of myself, not of, and should not be taken as fact. For years, I was a Micro-ATX SFF stalwart. I never truly believed M-ITX could offer all I needed in a system...


Raven Ridge HDMI 2.0 Compatibility – Forum Members to the Rescue!

Our community forum is a fantastic place, with our users banding together to help out those of us who need assistance on various SFF related topics. Recently, user Hifihedgehog started a thread surrounding unofficial support of HDMI 2.0 with AMD’s new Raven Ridge APU platform. Whilst manufacturer specs have been vague on the situation, Hifihedgehog set out to find out exactly which...


I Experienced Sennheiser’s HE-1.

Sennheiser, a brand with a significant history in audio equipment design and manufacture, recently invited me to experience their pinnacle achievement, the HE-1. A successor to Sennheiser’s original Orpheus headphones, the HE-1 is the result of years of no-compromises development led by Orpheus creator, Axel Grell, and directed by the Sennheiser family. While I’m sure you have heard...


Event Focus – DJI’s Mavic Air Launch Event

Late last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the NZ launch event for the DJI Mavic Air – a spiritual successor to the DJI Spark, but with Mavic 4 Pro inspired guts! This amazing little drone is a really impressive product, if a little (a lot) out of my price range! The specs and minutiae are available to read on the DJI website, however this is just a quick photo album of...


Meet the Creators: NCase’s Necere

The NCase, known by many as the quintessential “indie” SFF case, brought huge changes to our niche, and broadened many horizons in the community, from creators, to builders, to designers. Necere is one half of NCase, responsible for the design of the M1 and various accessories to go with the chassis. Today we’ll be talking SFF with Necere, seeing what inspired and motivated one...


Meet the Creators – SFFLab and Kimera Industries’ Joshua Ramirez

Tracking down this week’s Creator was a mission and a half. Joshua is busy developing SFFLab, launching the Cerberus, a Kimera Industries product, as well as performing administration for Minutiae Media! I only know of one other person as busy as Joshua, and he’s writing this article. This is the third in a series of “Meet the Creators”, a series of interviews with the designers and...


Meet the Creators – KMPKT Design’s Craig Babiuk

After talking with Joshua Sniffen of NFC Systems, it’s time to have a chat with another SFFLab creator – Craig Babiuk of KMPKT Design. KMPKT is currently focusing on DC-DC power supplies, including the Dynamo Mini, a direct plug ATX power supply and the Dynamo 360, a GPU power unit. This is the second in a series of “Meet the Creators”, a series of interviews with the...


Meet the Creators – NFC Systems’ Joshua Sniffen

Some time ago, we interviewed Joshua Sniffen, of NFC Systems fame, about his love for SFF, his passion for design, and the journey from hobbyist to manufacturer. Two and a half years later, the next major revision of his signature chassis line is around the corner, and there have been a tonne of changes in the Small Form Factor world. So, it’s about time we talk to him again, and see how...


Low Volume – Episode 27 – Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s almost the second anniversary of the formation of SFF Network! Join James and John (but not Joshua because he slept in :p) as we discuss the past year, muse on Intel vs AMD’s CPU developments, and ramble on about a few other topics. Show notes and comments in the forum here.


Exploring Taipei – A Photo Essay of Sorts

Throughout our time at Computex 2017, the SFFn team focused mostly on covering the event. However, we’re not above a little exploration, and we decided to share a few snapshots into our Taipei based adventures. Keep in mind a few of these are photos taken with potato phone cameras, so the quality may not be up to our usual standard! No captions, attributions or locations are given –...

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SFF shopping in Akihabara

As I’ve mentioned planning a few times in the podcast, I’m currently in Tokyo! And of course I had to visit Akihabara, the electronics capital of Japan to see what kind of retail presence SFF has in this country that’s perpetually short on space. Akihabara (also known as Electric Town) is an area to the west of Akihabara Station in Central Tokyo, just north-east of the Imperial...