SFF Forum designs an eGPU case – Episode 1

So all the external Thunderbolt 3 graphics card docks announced or released so far are stupidly big, I mean, you could build a full gaming computer in something like the DAN A4-SFX in less space! To combat this and show them how we do things at SFF Forum, I offered to do the CAD work for free if someone would provide me with a Thunderbolt 3 to PCIe adapter to measure and pay for the sheet metal...


Opinion – M-DTX, The Ultimate SFF Motherboard

Quite a few years ago, AMD launched the DTX (and by extension, the M-DTX) standard, aiming to reduce costs in motherboard manufacturing by more efficiently optimising the use of a standard sheet of PCB material. In doing so, they inadvertently created what I consider the ideal SFF board form factor – M-DTX. This form factor offers the best of the M-ATX and M-ITX formats, in a balanced...


AuckLAN 7.5, A NZ LAN 2-4 December

AuckLAN 7.5 is happening this weekend, at MegaWeb in Auckland, New Zealand. As a continuation of the AuckLAN series, this smaller LAN is a great event for those in the Auckland Area. I will be attending the LAN representing, and sponsoring a couple of prizes for attendees, with support from Noctua. If you live in Auckland, please join in, the weekend promises to bring a lot of...


Low Volume – Episode 19 – Smaller GPUs Please!

Welcome to the second of our new generation of podcasts – Low Volume – Episode 19 – Smaller GPUs Please! We’ve described our new format here. TO THE NEWS!… 1:10  13:36  24:26  32:15  Main feature 37:08 Card Form Factors Featured Forum Fread 44:45  Join us live next time here: Comments? Leave them in the forum.


Podcast 18 – A New Beginning

Welcome to the first of our new generation of podcasts – Episode 18, A New Beginning. We’ve described our new format here. TO THE NEWS!… Intel Next Gen Intel’s Next HEDT Platform, Basin Falls, is Being Readied Kaby Lake 300 Series Chipsets to Feature WLAN Controllers and USB 3.1 Intel Core i5-7600K Tested, Negligible IPC Gains for Kaby Lake? Main feature DC-DC power supplies...


Convert Your NH-U12S or NH-U14S to Rotate 90 Degrees

In my review of the NH-U12S, I made mention of the weirdness surround Noctua’s decision to change the mounting system on the U12S and U14S coolers. It seemed odd to me to design an entirely new mounting system to rotate the cooler 90 degrees, but not make it compatible with other products  in Noctua’s lineup. So, in the interests of finding something out, I took a screw driver to two...


Featured Worklog – K888D’s LZ7, a Quiet Gaming Cube with Internal SFX PSU

SFF Forum member K888D is aiming for the smallest, quietest SFF PC possible to fit a gaming system, at a budget that’s (hopefully!) under 100 quid (UK Pounds), in no small part due to the lack of risers or custom cabling. To meet that goal, they’ve designed the LZ7: a quiet gaming cube with an internal SFX PSU, and an overall volume that will be at or around just 6.9L. Initially...